How It All Started…

The idea of establishing a wellness center in Qatar was incepted during a casual encounter by Abdulla Alansari (Founder) and Dr. Elie Abourjeili in the beautiful mountain of Baabdat in Lebanon, during the fall of 2019.

Since then, the preparations were made to an exclusive wellness center to look after the Qatari market.

Sicure Mission


Provide quality wellbeing therapy and treatments through the best-in-class practitioners to contribute in the wellbeing of our community.

All therapies and treatments are delivered in discrete and private manner.

Acquire client’s trust by quality and professional service aiming to achieve not less than 95% results.

Provide highest ROI for our shareholders and customers.


Sicure‘s objective is to provide quality services to attain clients’ satisfaction that results in repeated return of patients and generates recommendations for new referrals.

Sicure Objective


Become the most trusted destination for wellbeing therapy and treatments in Qatar


A healthy, successful company that is a leader in quality patient care & a loyal community support.


Providing honest & trustworthy service


Business Philosophy

Sicure bases its working philosophy on being client-centered, and treating each individual with truth, honesty, and integrity. 

We take pride in distinguishing ourselves by offering individualized skilled care in an inviting environment.

We provide quality care by educating clients about health issues helping them understand the healing process, and providing consultation for home exercise programs to promote a continuation of healing and improved fitness.

Treatment Philosophy

Treatment Philosophy

Our unique style is a blend of both traditional physical therapy programs with holistic techniques which allows us to customize each program to our client.

Sicure‘s staff are licensed therapists with solid experience and diverse training backgrounds. They provide the most advanced therapies to our clients.

Our one-on-one, treatment sessions provide focused attention on the individual, improving therapeutic outcomes, and client satisfaction.

In our open and spacious clinic, our team treats the whole patient’s issues and pains. While we treat, we educate our clients so they learn skills they can use at home to help heal their bodies.

The client and the practitioner constantly monitor and re-assess progress through indicators. A treatment plan integrates manual therapies, nutrition education; body based stress and relaxation techniques, functional rehabilitation and movement retraining.