Non-invasive Vertebral Therapy

Our experienced therapists use a variety of techniques to treat back and neck disc pain without surgery, through manipulation of affected areas by applying force to the joints, muscles, and ligaments. Some evidence for the effectiveness of certain techniques is available.
These therapeutic techniques, also known as manipulative therapy, are physical hands-on treatments used by medical professionals. It consists in the application of external force applied to the body with the goal to improve mobility in the restricted joints, connective tissues, or skeletal muscle areas.

Man rubbing his painful back

We offer three forms of this treatment based on the patient’s case:


An introduction of rapid rotational, shear or distraction force.


A slower, more controlled joint movement (articulation).


The repetitive, rubbing, stripping, and kneading of the connective tissue covering the muscles (myofascial tissues) with the aim to help improve the fluid dynamics within the small narrow spaces of tissues (interstitial fluid).

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